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How payment works

Sellers constantly fear of their PayPal getting limited by selling their Premium Snapchats because it’s against PayPal’s TOS to sell sexual digital goods. Not in our case because we have got our own wallet system. That’s right, you will be able to accept payments here without anything happening to your PayPal because buyers will be using our wallet system in order to pay you. You can withdraw from our site anytime you like, and we are going to take only 15% from you while other websites might offer only 65% profit, here you will be making 85% profit of your sales without any risks of getting into PayPal trouble or risking getting unfairly chargebacked.

Buyers will be able to top up their wallet using their debit/credit card through the secure payment gateway so transactions are secure and you can feel confident using our wallet system.

We’re here to to help you, in case you need to make a support ticket or contact us, scroll down and check out our footer. There you will find some useful information as well as contact us and make a support ticket.